Fact-Based Analysis Tools

Fact-Based Analysis Tools

Explore the skills and tools that management consultants use to bring facts and evidence to bear in resolving business problems:

Interviewing The most important information you need is in people’s heads. How do you access it?

B2C Analyses You can generate some powerful insights for B2C businesses by taking the customer perspective, taking advantage of the accessability of consumers,

Modelling If you are addressing a dynamic problem, even a simple model can provide great insight.

Systems Thinking Most business problems are not simple and linear. Stretch your thinking to analyse the whole system.

Profit Trees A diagnostic tool to break down the profit drivers of a company and compare them across time and/or businesses.

Process Mapping For solutions to stick, business processes have to be changed. Mapping is the starting point of improvement.

Analogies Using analogies appropriately and powerfully can be a great problem-solving aid.

Brainstorming/Creativity Techniques If you want to come up with innovative solutions, you will need some techniques to access your creative brain.


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