Preparing a Dummy Pack

How to present to Senior Executives – HBR Post


Do you need to present a ppt pack, or should you use a website?

If the goal of your presentation is to share INFORMATION rather than PERSUADE then you will often be sending out a pack attached to e-mail instead of presenting it.

  • Putting your information on to a website has advantages over a powerpoint presentation:
  • You can hyperlink to allow  your audience to navigate how they want, instead of forcing them to be linear like powerpoint
  • You can hyperlink to sources
  • It is easy to embed rich media e.g. videos
  • You can control access through passwords, a ppt can be forwarded to anyone
  • It can be interactive
  • The audience can have a discussion through comments or forums
  • You can set up metrics to see what information is used
  • You can continuously update the site and everyone sees the latest version

Overall, these benefits are so compelling that no one should send out a fact pack ever again…………













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